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The following photos of archaeological sites at Mesa Verde National Park are in the public domain and may be used for any purpose providing that the images may not be used in a manner that implies the National Park Service recommends or endorses a company. product or service. The images include some of the most popular archaeological sites in the park including ancient cliff dwellings. The photos are compliments of the National Park Service.

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Mesa Verde National Park is located about 50 miles west of Durango, CO in the Four Corners region of southwestern Colorado. The park has the largest collection of ancient cliff dwelling in the country. There are over 4,700 sites that include over 600 ancient dwellings built and inhabited by Ancestral Native Americans from 700 to 1300 C.E. Click here for a comprehensive overview of Mesa Verde National Park. If you plan on visiting Mesa Verde and need lodging, see Durango Hotels and Motels.

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Mesa Verde Photos
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Step House
1050 x 718 Pixels
Balcony House Courtyard
1800 x 1205 Pixels
Balcony House From
Soda Canyon Overlook

1218 x 826 Pixels
Cedar Tree Tower
1800 x 1200 Pixels
View of Cliff Palace
2700 x 1350 Pixels
Cliff Palace
2100 x 1575 Pixels
Far View House
1500 x 949 Pixels
Far View House and
Pipe Shrine House

2000 x 1500 Pixels
Mesa Verde Photos
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